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The anatomic pictures produced by CT and MR are poised to transform medicine once again. This time they will be in high definition 3D with talking labels which are accurate enough to guide realtime neurosurgery and store thousands of radiation therapy contours. Anatom-e has been working for a decade to build the infrastructure for this revolution. Contact us to learn
what Anatom-e can make happen in your practice.


The Anatom-e System contains a complete listing of tumor sites throughout
the body complete with staging recommendations, dose tolerance limitations, dosing recommendations, secondary pathways of spread, and elective areas  For a radiation oncologist, this simplifies treatment by negating the need to spend lots of time looking up treatment protocols for every tumor they come across. This will cut your treatment planning times in half!

The Anatom-e System is used for pre-surgical planning and intra-operative navigation. For surgical pre-planning, the Anatom-e System can be used to visualize the patient’s anatomy and the normal structures in proximity to it.
We can speed up the planning process using interactive volume visualization of the patient anatomy.  The Anatom-e System can provide information you need to know about your patient which you otherwise couldn’t get!

The Anatom-e System has helpful usability tools to assist the Radiologist
in fulfilling their role in the diagnostic and information processes. Using the Anatom-e System, it’s quick and painless to lookup relevant information given a location based on patient abnormality.  The Anatom-e System contains a set of drawing/annotation tools for creating notes on the DAT or the patient scans so that information can be viewed later or elsewhere. Speed up your practice!

Lawyers in the United states use Anatom-e to help juries understand the meaning of medical images.  By using the Anatom-e System, it’s possible
to reliably, reproducibly, and correctly correlate patient lesion with symptoms; inversely, given symptoms, the Anatom-e System can tell you where to look.  Visuals and understanding provided by the Anatom-e System elucidate weaknesses in fraudulent claims!

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